Slimming Pill Malaysia

Slimming Therapy in Malaysia

1. Weight Loss & Body Sculpting

You don’t need to be thin to look beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and forms. But obesity is never beautiful. Being severely overweight brings with it a plethora of health issues. There comes a time when mere dieting and working out just doesn’t melt the pounds.

Large parts of the world have populations which are becoming increasingly overweight or obese. Malaysia is no exception due to the cultures of taking unhealthy diets, consisting of high calorie, high glucose index diets. From multiple researches, it is proven that being overweight or obese can cause health problem such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, aging etc. People are becoming more aware of this issues and start to look for the medical weight loss, slimming pill, and body contouring treatments.

2. Why choose Vogue Slimming Program?

In Vogue Clinic, our weight loss program is purely catered to individual needs based on their lifestyles and habits.

We are determined to customise a program that is easily adherent and guarantee long lasting maintenance. The sole reason of failure in most types of slimming pill programs in Malaysia is the incapability of following stringent food avoidance and hence, dropping out of programs, causing wastage in time and money.

Our dedicated team plan help to achieve your weight loss target with the most comfortable and blissful procedures and medical therapy. The weight loss and body contouring treatments may involve daily medical therapy, fat burning therapy, healthy diet eating, long term lifestyle changes and non-invasive therapy.

3. How do you lose the weight?

In Vogue Clinic, we employ diverse advanced non-invasive methods to reduce weight quickly. Consult us to evaluate the best way to reduce weight depending on your individual aspects and body. Before we start with the reduce weight procedure, our doctor will analyse your body figure issues in terms of water levels, fat, and lean body mass.

After consulting our resident doctor, patients can reduce weight quickly through our advanced methods, which include the Trio Medical Slimming Therapy, Fat Dissolving Therapy, and Body toning using HIFU.

We have the answers to how to reduce weight fast with minimum or no side effects, but you need to maintain the tips to reduce weight regularly. Following a balanced diet plan and regular physical exercises can effectively assist you to maintain a slim figure over time.

4. After the treatment does the weight bounce back?

Since, you only lose your fat and not from your muscle and water, you will be able to retain your weight. However, after the treatment you have to maintain calorie balance with our post-care tips.

5. How do I maintain the weight after the treatment?

Maintaining your weight is quite easy. You have to ensure you have a balanced diet and ensure regular physical activity for about 30 minutes to maintain the calorie balance.

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