fractional CO2 laser skin

Fractional or “pixilated” carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are one of the latest advances in non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. The CO2 laser has the longest wavelength of all the lasers on the market and can be used safely on darker skin types.

Our fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia excel at treating deeper wrinkles, more severe textural changes from sun damage, wrinkles, blotchiness, acne scars, and surgical or traumatic scars.

It can be used on the delicate eyelid skin and around the mouth. It is also a very effective treatment for sun damage and precancerous growths (actinic keratosis). It can be used to improve texture, wrinkles, and blotchiness on the neck, chest, arms and legs.

fractional CO2 laser skin

How does fractional CO2 laser work?

The fractional CO2 laser takes the CO2 laser beam and fractionates, or pixellates that beam into thousands of tiny little shafts of light.

These tiny shafts of light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the old sun damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. The “collateral” heat damage also helps to shrink existing collagen.

How long do the effects of a fractional CO2 resurfacing laser treatment last?

That depends on how well you protect your skin from the sun and other factors that cause aging like your general health, smoking, changes in weight, etc. If you apply sunscreen and wear brimmed hats, you can maintain the good effects of your CO2 laser treatment for several years.
<5>When will I see results?

Bear in mind that the fractional CO2 laser can be customized. Treatments can be deeper, with more healing and downtime, or shallower, with less healing time. The deeper the treatment, the better the results generally.

Most of the patients prefer to have two treatments that aren’t as deep so they can avoid a lot of downtime. After your skin heals, which may take up to 3-14 days, there will be a period of 4 to 6 weeks after that when your skin might be slightly pink.

During this period, your skin will feel smoother and looks less blotchy. As the color returns to normal, you will see fewer lines, less blotchiness, and more glow.

How is fractional CO2 laser treatment performed in Malaysia?

You will need to arrive 1 hour here in Vogue Clinic KL, Malaysia before your treatment. Your face will be cleansed and numbing cream will be applied. Then you just relax, read, and listen to music, while the numbing cream takes effect.

After you get numbed for about half an hour, the numbing cream will be removed. The laser treatment takes about 10-15 minutes. You may feel the sensation of “pins and needles” during and right after the procedure. A strong stream of cold air is blown on the area during the treatment to make it comfortable. The discomfort ranges from mild to moderate (2-4/10).

Cooling mask will be applied after the procedure for 10-15 minutes for calming down of skin. Moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied immediately after the procedure before you leave.

What will I look like right after the treatment and what is the healing time?

During the first 24 hours after treatment, your skin may feel as though it is sunburned. Ice packs/frozen peas are used 5-10 minutes per hour for the first 5-6 hours after the treatment.

Your skin will peel for 2-7 days and will be pink for 3 to 6 weeks. This healing all depends on how deep your treatment is. After a week or so, you can wear make-up to cover the pink. Rarely, bruising may develop, which can take up to two weeks to resolve. Allow 2-4 weeks for weddings, reunions, family pictures, etc just to be safe. Allow longer for body sites like arms or legs.

How many treatments will I need?

The number depends on the extent of your sun damage, scarring or wrinkles, and on how much downtime you can accept. This may come after detailed consultation by Dr Teo here at Vogue Clinic.

Are there any reasons not to be treated with these lasers?

Reasons not to do a fractional laser treatment may include use of medications that increase photosensitivity, use of anticoagulants (some are fine), use of Accutane in the last year (vs. 6 months), chemotherapy, history of difficulty healing or scarring, history of bleeding disorders, and pregnancy.

Are there any medical or cosmetic side effects?

The complications of fractional CO2 are rare. But here is a list of some of the possible complications of fractional CO2 laser treatments:

  1. Pain. Most people feel very little pain during treatment due to the measures as above. Rarely there is mild discomfort for the first day after procedure, it can be easily relieved by Panadol/Ibuprofen.
  2. Redness. A pink color may persist for two weeks to two months after the laser surgery. In rare instances, it may last three to six months. This is more common in patients who have a history of flushing and blushing easily or who already have dilated vessels on the surface of the skin.
  3. Wound Healing. The CO2 laser causes a superficial wound to the skin that takes approximately 2 to 10 days to heal. The superficial injury of the outer layers of the skin may result in mild to moderate swelling. Crusting is rare but peeling is common. Once the surface is treated, it may be sensitive to the sun for approximately 4-6 weeks.
  4. Pigment Changes. The treated area may heal with increased or decreased pigmentation. This is rare and occurs most often in darker skin and 2-6 weeks after treatment. Hyperpigmentation usually fades in three to six months, though rarely pigment changes can be permanent.
    Note: However, these cases are rare. Do consult with us before beginning the treatment.

Fractional CO2 laser treatments


Fractional CO2 laser treatments

This is a wounding laser that removes the thin outer layer of skin (epidermis) and heats the underlying skin (dermis), which stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers. As the epidermis heals and regrows, the treated area appears smoother and tighter.

How Does It Work?

A laser with a 10,600 nm wavelength can target very small areas while emitting a very short pulse preventing unnecessary damage to the normal surrounding skin. Since this laser can be adjusted and customized, it is utilized in procedures requiring precise accuracy.

The laser is an ABLATIVE laser meaning it will burn whatever it comes into contact with. Therefore, this makes the “burning away” of certain skin lesions on the surface of the skin possible.

Is The CO2 Laser Painful?

Due to it being an ABLATIVE laser, topical anaesthetic cream will be applied before the procedure. Take note that even though this cream is applied, there can still be some pain experienced during the procedure especially the deeper the lesion.

What Can I Expect During My Treatment?

Your eyes will first be protected with goggles. Then our aesthetic doctor will begin treatment, by gently applying the laser energy to your skin with part of the handpiece making physical contact with your skin. You may experience some heat and mild prickling sensations during the laser. There is also a slight “burning smell” which is the lesion and skin cells absorbing the laser energy and being “burnt away”. Depending on the size and depth of the lesion, the length of the procedure may differ.

Is There Any Downtime? What Aftercare Do I Need?

There is NO downtime in the sense of having to take leave and/or stay indoors after the procedure. Due to it being an ABLATIVE laser, there will be depression or “crater” where the lesion previously was. There is no special aftercare needed in terms of topical applications.

You may experience some redness and swelling around the treatment area that should resolve within a few hours but may last 2-3 days. Again, there is no requirement for you to stay indoors or avoid cosmetic application afterward. You will be able to return to work, apply makeup and resume most of your activities immediately.

One of the most important things to avoid is UV radiation from sun exposure, especially immediately after the procedure. You are advised to apply sunblock every 6hours when outdoors and avoid outdoor exposure especially during the peak sunlight hours of the day.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Recurrence of lesions treated with CO2 lasers are very common. The timing of recurrence can be within months of the treatment or years afterwards. Repeated treatment can be considered.

What Are Some Of The CO2 Laser Side Effects?

Due to this laser being ABLATIVE, there are possible side effects to take into consideration compared to the other NON-ABLATIVE lasers.

Possible side effects and complications of the CO2 laser treatment are as follows:

  1. Pain: Numbing cream can be applied if desired to lessen the burning sensation of the laser which can be minimal to moderate.
  2. Swelling: The area can have some swelling for 1-2 days especially around the eye areas. The swelling will subside without any additional treatment.
  3. Bleeding: There may be mild bleeding for 1-2 days but if bleeding continues, please contact us or see a doctor as soon as possible.
  4. Depressed scars (“craters”): Some areas may not heal completely and therefore leave a permanent depression in the treated area.
  5. Erythema: Immediately after treatment, the skin area treated will appear red which usually eventually gradually normalized over the next few months. There are cases where the redness can be permanent.
  6. Skin darkening (hyperpigmentation): The darker your skin tone and the more sun exposure you receive can cause the treated area to have a dark color which can be permanent.


Fractional CO2 laser treatments

As women age, so do their most intimate parts. The production of estrogen slows down as the aging process progresses, which leads to thinned vaginal walls, inflammation of tissue, and lack of natural lubrication. While these changes are most commonly associated with menopause, they can also before that, as a result of multiple pregnancies, and due to certain medical conditions. No one looks forward to dealing with these uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms. Luckily, there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation.

For women looking for a non-invasive, effective procedure, Vogue Feminine Laser Rejuvenation is the perfect choice.

As tissues age, they lose the elasticity that they once had. Vogue Feminine Rejuvenation is a non-surgical vaginal laser procedure used to rejuvenate the vaginal canal. This laser restores youthful thickness and moisture to the tissues. It can reduce vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, and mild involuntary bladder leakage. As a result, it also leads to enhanced sexual experience for many women.

Candidates for Vogue Feminine Laser Rejuvenation

Any woman who wants to improve the functionality and feel of her most intimate parts makes a good candidate for this procedure. Perfect candidates for Vogue Feminine Laser Rejuvenation are those who:

  1. Have a loss of vaginal tightness after childbirth or with age
  2. Suffer from vaginal atrophy or dryness
  3. Suffer from bladder leakage when they laugh or run
  4. Don’t feel like themselves after menopause in terms of sexual gratification
What Can Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treat?

The Vogue Feminine Laser Rejuvenation can treat:

  1. Pain and dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse
  2. Lack of natural lubrication
  3. Lack of sensation during intercourse
  4. Vaginal inflammation
  5. Bladder leakage from stress urinary incontinence
How Does Vogue Feminine Rejuvenation Work?

This is a non-invasive, non-ablative procedure that uses controlled laser heating to stimulate the production of collagen and a new blood supply to improve thickness and elasticity to the vaginal wall. The generated laser beam is emitted in a pulsed pattern that does not cause damage to the superficial vaginal wall. This laser beam works to promote the growth of elastin fibers and collagen in the deep layers of the vaginal wall. As a result, the treatment provides relief from painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness.
Fractional CO2 laser treatments

Vogue Feminine Rejuvenation Results

Depending on the patient, results may be noticed immediately following the second session of the treatment to within two weeks. The best results are noticed within 3-6 months of the treatment.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovery

Vogue Feminine Rejuvenation is a pain-free outpatient procedure with no downtime. Patients can immediately return to their normal activities with no bleeding and no medication.

When Can I Have Sex After My Vogue Feminine Laser Rejuvenation?

It is recommended that patients take several days for healing. The area of treatment may initially feel sensitive during sexual intercourse, but this is to be expected. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during sex past a week after your procedure, be sure to contact your doctor.

    Please leave us a message we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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